Arm & Hammer™ Fresheners - 5 Pack

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The stink ends here.

  • Pack of 5 multi-purpose air freshening discs for household use
  • Filled with trusted Arm & Hammer® baking soda to absorb and neutralise odours
  • Great for nappy bins, changing tables, hampers, potty training seats, closets, gym bags, bins and anywhere odours can occur
  • Comes in either Citrus or Lavender (scents may vary)
  • Replace Nursery Fresheners every 90 days, or upon losing effectiveness
  • RRP $10.99


From baby’s room to the bathroom, household odours can really sneak up on you. Now there’s a simple way to help rid your home of offensive smells. These small deodorising discs are powered by the natural odour-absorbing strength of Arm & Hammer® baking soda and act as portable air fresheners. They’re great for nappy bags, hampers, changing tables and more. Even non baby-specific areas like shoe closets and rubbish bins can benefit from these small but mighty odour neutralisers.