Booty Brush™ Nappy Cream Applicator

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Meet your right hand for diaper duty!

  • Hassle-free nappy cream applicator
  • Super soft silicone tip is gentle on baby's skin
  • Provides clean and even cream application
  • Handle doubles as cap for on-the-go ease
  • Use tip on finger for even more precise application
  • Keeps hands and nails free of residue
  • BPA-free


Raise your hand if you’ve ever dealt with super thick nappy cream residue under your nails or on your hands. While the ointment texture is great for diaper rashes, it’s not so great for fingers, and that’s where the Nappy Cream Applicator comes in. This innovative solution allows you to apply nappy cream with one hand, ensuring a clean and even application time after time. The handle doubles as a cap, making it a must-have for the nappy bag as well as the nursery. It’s also versatile -- you can apply with the base or your fingertip for even more precise application. Get sanitary for your sanity with diapering essentials from Munchkin!